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Whether you’re a new, or experienced landlord here are a few reminders when preparing your property to let.

The advice shown here is by no means comprehensive but it may help you to sort out a few priorities when preparing your property.

For in-depth advice and information call our knowledgeable staff. Warnfield Hewitt have years of experience in residential letting and can help you avoid potential legal and practical pitfalls. We can also advise you on how to present your property to give the best impression and therefore secure a quick tenancy at a good rate.

We offer property viewings upto 7pm of an evening and also offer a fully furnished package details of which can be obtained via the office to read more about our landlord services, please click here.

Notification & Consent

Your insurance company

Make sure your insurance policy covers the property for letting purposes, including building and public liability insurance.

Joint owner

If the property has been bought using a shared ownership scheme or is partly owned by a public or private organisation, ensure that their regulations allow for the property to be let.

Bank, building society or mortgage lender

If you have a standard mortgage (not buy-to-let), notify your lender of your intention to let the property.

Main landlord/owner

If the property is leasehold or you are sub-letting, make sure you obtain permission from the primary landlord

Utilities, Functionality & Access


Ensure that all gas, electricity and water connections are correctly and safely installed. We will notify the utility companies of a change of occupier. If you have service contracts for any utilities please forward the details to us.

Operation instructions

Please ensure all instructions and operation manuals are left in the property. We will advise the tenant where to find the stopcock, fusebox etc.


Warnfield Hewitt requests that two full sets of keys be provided. One set will be issued to the tenants, and the other set will be retained by Warnfield Hewitt.

Alarms and security

If a burglar alarm is fitted, provide clear instructions for setting and unsetting the alarm and make available any emergency contact numbers. Provide instructions for the location and use of smoke alarms.  If the property has a shared entrance, ensure that the necessary keys or codes are provided to us.

Health & Safety

Fire safety

Make sure any fire ecsapes are free from obstruction.  Supply keys to window locks if fitted. If you supply fire extinguishers or fire blankets make sure they are in good condition and working order. Ensure fire doors are in good condition.

Hazard avoidance

Make sure all carpets are held securely in place, particularly on stairs. Ensure banisters and handrails are secure.


If the garden contains plants that have poisonous or irritant effects, remove them or make our agent aware of them.


Give clear instructions on smoking policy, particularly if the property shares communal facilities.


Ensure adequate lighting is available in every room.

Appliance & Furnishing Checklist

Here’s an overview of essential and suggested provisions for your rental property:


  • Carpets or suitable floor covering
  • Curtains or blinds
  • Light fittings
  • Fitted kitchen, with cooker and plumbing for dishwasher and/or washing machine ? With L/L Agreement .
  • Fitted bathroom


  • Carpets or suitable floor covering
  • Curtains or blinds
  • Light fittings
  • Fitted kitchen, with cooker, dishwasher, washing machine, cupboards, fridge, freezer ? With L/L Agreement.
  • Fitted bathroom with toilet roll holder, towel rail, bath, shower or shower attachment, shower curtain, bathroom cabinet, mirror
  • Dining room furniture
  • Lounge furniture including sofas and chairs, coffee table or side tables, television aerial point
  • Telephone point, vaccum cleaner, ironing board
  • Bed, mattress, wardrobes, bedside tables, lamps, mirror, chest of drawers ? as above.
  • Lawnmower, garden furniture